Degree Show

Having spent three years ostensibly working at art school – and more recently a frantic few months trying to write, produce, direct, cater, do every single job on a film set for my first short. I am incredibly excited that this evening at the Winchester School of Art Degree show is the official premiere of my first wholly independent short “Laid to Rest” I don’t want to give too much away but I can show you a few stills from the movie as a little teaser.

The film itself will be going live on vimeo and this site after 6pm tonight (GMT incase any non-brits stumble on this for some reason)

More information about the WSA show can be found on their site and the official facebook event.

If anyone can make it down to see mine and the rest of motion graphics film on a big screen that would be awesome, but if not please check back here later and watch on your own private silver screen.