Filmmaker // Editor // Motion Designer

My name is Robin Celebi and I am a filmmaker and motion graphic artist based in London. I work broadly from live action all the way to digital animation, with experience in motion graphics, short film, music videos, fashion, animation and aerial videography.

I graduated from Winchester School of Art with a degree in motion graphics and this alternative to film school has given me a slightly unconventional approach to moving image with a strong emphasis on lateral thinking.

I first became interested in film and animation  when I was younger, making short films and stop motion animations with my friends – and this combined with a love of storytelling meant I never wanted to do anything other than make films. I always try to be as involved as I can in every aspect of the filmmaking process. Specifically as an editor I relish the challenge of taking all the different puzzle pieces of footage and placing them together into a coherent story – fine tuning every individual performance.

A central theme to all of my work is rhythm – whether that be the patterns of human speech or a song – I believe that everything onscreen should be directly related to what you are hearing at the same time – even if that sound is silence.

University as well as independent film projects have taught me how to successfully work both leading and as part of a group – film is such a collaborative process it is impossible to make anything successful without everyone involved working together.

When not working, I spend my time rock climbing, doing magic tricks, playing the guitar, playing with the diablo and various other activities my friends have described as “a really interesting bunch of useless talents”

Currently working in London on both commercial and personal projects, I am available for freelance work in any area and I relish the challenge of bringing any idea into a finished visual state – whether it be directing a short, editing a film or working on a segment of a larger animation.

If there is a project you would like to work with me on, or simply want to get in touch, please send me a message via the contact page on this site.

To see a sample of my work please look at my portfolio.